To become a member of Terrace 21, the following must apply:


  • You are committed to co-operative principles and to the values of Terrace 21
  • Your household agrees to have a personal financial assessment to ensure it meets the pre-agreed minimum net household income (this is the income after any deductions like tax, national insurance, pension payments etc). This is to ensure each household can meet the minimum payments required for equity shares. Any financial information you share with us will be treated sensitively and confidentially and will only be viewed by our Finance Team. Unfortunately we cannot accept applications from households who are dependent on housing benefit, if this applies to you.
  • You can commit to living in a Terrace 21 property for at least 3 years.


To express your interest in becoming a member please complete the application form.


Application Process. Full membership is subject to:


  • Attending monthly general meetings, and contributing to monthly working groups and social events
  • Approval of application by all current members of T21
  • Ability to demonstrate your household can meet the minimum net household income required to meet the minimum monthly payments to acquire your equity shares (currently: £16,000 per year)
  • Minimum deposit of £2,000
  • Commitment to co-operative principles and to the values of Terrace 21


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