The plan for the project first started to take shape in 2011 when we set up the Northern Alliance Housing Co-operative (NAHC), which is the company that runs the ‘Terrace 21’ project. NAHC is a housing co-operative based in Granby, Liverpool 8. It’s a company registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and is an Industrial Provident Society. It is a democratically controlled co-operative and was set up to to work alongside existing residents to protect and enhance the community ownership of land and properties within the ‘Granby 4 Streets’ area.




In 2012 we adopted the innovative Mutual Home Ownership Society (MHOS) model where residents are leaseholders, ensuring that the project is owned in perpetuity by its members and that it is permanently affordable. More information on MHOS can be found here___


Granby 4 Streets


NAHC is a member of the Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust (CLT). The land will be managed by the Granby 4 Streets CLT and NAHC will be responsible for building and managing the five units occupied by members of the co-operative. Because Granby 4 Streets will continue to own the freehold under the units, the community interest is preserved in this area. The vision developed by CLT and NAHC is also committed to creating a beautiful, vibrant and thriving neighbourhood where people want to live, work and play; where the people are the priority and have direct input to the decisions affecting the streets in which they live.


Why Granby?


Granby and the ‘4 Streets’ area within this is an area of inner-city Liverpool that has undergone significant change over the last 30 years. It has suffered from neglect and depopulation, leading to a loss of local businesses and a high proportion of empty and semi-derelict housing.


Despite this we are very positive about the idea of living in this area. Existing members of the Terrace 21 project already either live or work in the Liverpool 8 area. Over the last few years we have spent time getting to know the area and its residents better; volunteering at the Cairns Street market, working with the CLT to help develop their own proposals alongside our one, and sometimes just sitting and chatting amongst the flowers in Cairns Street on sunny days. We’d like to be a part of this community on a more permanent basis and to contribute to the renewal of the area alongside the Granby 4 Streets CLT and other stakeholders to see a positive story emerge and bring the whole area back to life.

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