Will I own my own house or is it more like renting?

In MHOS, members buy shares in the whole scheme based on what they can afford. Each house is worth the same amount of shares but each member will take a different amount of time to repay the total ‘value’ of their house based on their capacity to pay. Monthly repayments are set at 35% of total net household income so repayments are always affordable and the tenancy is therefore more secure than private rental. Please see further information on MHOS below for more details.


What makes it an eco-retrofit?

The development will be a demonstration project in terms of exemplifying deep ecological retrofit of existing housing stock. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and reducing household carbon emissions through our specification of materials and products – preferring low-impact, renewable and recyclable materials to those with high-embodied energy or polluting manufacturing processes.

Our ‘secondary rules’ also encourages all members to commit to living in a way which manages consumption of carbon, either through the products and materials used to build, manage and maintain the physical fabric of the properties; or lifestyle choices such as choosing to cycle rather than drive and reducing energy consumption where possible.


I have savings, can I buy extra shares?

Yes, with maximum conditions


How is the project funded?

Terrace 21 will secure a mortgage loan from ethical and ecological commercial lenders, as well as member deposits, loan stock and advance equity payments from members to bridge any funding gap.

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